Future of Transportation in Wisconsin

April 26, 2019 from 9am-3:15pm
The Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, WI

The Thompson Transportation Conference was a one-day event that examined a host of issues relating to transportation, including financing for Wisconsin’s Transportation System, the future economic impacts of potential state policy decisions, access and solutions for rural and urban Wisconsinites, the future of freight as it relates to Wisconsin ports, highways, and railways, and numerous other transportation topics. Similar to Thompson’s corridor initiative, this conference focused on jobs and what transportation solutions can mean to businesses and average Wisconsinites as the state prepares for the future.

The Thompson Center would like to extend our gratitude to our partner The Wisconsin Eye, which streamed and recorded this event.  The conference described here and many other intellectually stimulating events can be found on their website.


Panel 1Wisconsin’s Transportation Funding System: The Task Before Us
00:10  Ryan Owens, Thompson Center Director and Bob Cook, Former Executive Director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin (Moderator)
08:45  Paul Hammer, Deputy Secretary, WI Department of Transportation
23:50  Mark Gottlieb, Former Secretary of the WI Department of Transportation
33:40  Jerry Petrowski, WI State Senator, Chair of the Senate Committee on Transportation, Veterans, and Military Affairs
40:20  Jim Tymon, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)
53:00  Bob Poole, Director of Transportation Policy, The Reason Foundation
1:06:15  Q & A

Panel 2Community Stakeholders and Public Transit: Rural and Urban Transportation Solutions
02:10  Joe Peterangelo, Senior Researcher, Wisconsin Policy Forum
16:55  John Kissinger, Co-Chair, Regional Transit Leadership Council (RTLC)
23:15  Ian Ritz, Chief of Transit Section, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
32:50  Tom Lynch, Madison Director of Transportation
49:20  Q & A

Panel 2.5Former Governor Tommy Thompson and Faculty Research Presentations
00:25  Tommy Thompson, Former WI Governor
07:15  Jie Yu, UW-Madison Researcher, “Connecting Wisconsin of Tomorrow: Methods to Improve Public Mobility under Future Social, Economic, and Technological Changes”
28:30  Michael Schlicting, UW-Madison Researcher, “Future Employee Transportation Planning for the Foxconn Development Site”

Keynote: Transportation Policy and Funding Reform
01:10  Bill McCoshen, Managing Partner, Capitol Consultants (Moderator)
04:30  Craig Thompson, Secretary of the WI Department of Transportation (Keynote Speaker)

Ports to Rail, the Future of Freight

  • Teresa Adams, UW-Madison Faculty, National Center for Freight & Infrastructure Research & Education (CFIRE)
  • Debby Jackson, Executive Director, Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin
  • Ken Lucht, President, WI Railroad Association, Acting Vice President, Government and Industry Relations for Watco Companies
  • Adam Schlict, Port Director, Port Milwaukee
  • Aileen Switzer, Administrator, DOT Division of Transportation Investment Management

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