Frequently Asked Questions

Speaker Grants F.A.Q.

  • 1) Is there a cost limit to speaker grant amounts that can be requested?

    Provided all expenses are deemed acceptable upon review, functionally no. Speaker grants are reviewed by our Public Leadership Board prior to being awarded. However, the Tommy Thompson Center has made $500,000 available for speakers this fiscal year, and grant money will be pulled from that pool.

  • 2) In what timeframe are funds available for use after the March 1st/October 1st deadline?

    After your application has been reviewed and awarded, you will have a year to expend the funds. As an example, one might put in an application for the March 1st deadline if they were considering hosting an event in the Fall.

    This is not to say that you couldn’t turn in an application to the March 1st deadline if you wanted to host the speaker in the nearer term, such as in April or May.  Just be aware of the time it will take to make all the necessary arrangements of co-ordinating with the speaker and obtaining the facilities to host the event.

Faculty Award Competition F.A.Q