September 21, 2020: New York Times

New York Times piece cites the research of Director Ryan Owens and Dr. Ryan Black, The Influence of Personalized Knowledge at the Supreme Court: How (Some) Former Law Clerks Have the Inside Track.

Law Firms Pay Supreme Court Clerks $400,000 Bonuses. What Are They Buying?

September 4, 2020: WisPolitics

Director Ryan Owens and Assistant Director Eric Tempelis have written an article discussing the expansion of telehealth, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wisconsin Should Expedite the Meaningful Use of Telehealth

August 4, 2020 : Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens and Assistant Director Eric Tempelis have written an article advocating for Wisconsin to adopt an ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) account program for its disabled population.

Wisconsin Should Adopt a Robust ABLE Account Program for the Disabled

May 8, 2020 : The Hill

Ryan C. Black, Timothy R. Johnson, Justin Wedeking, and Thompson Center Director Ryan J. Owens have written an article discussing the Supreme Court’s decision to hold oral arguments via teleconference, as well as the public’s views with regards to Court procedures.

Livestreaming Arguments? The Supreme Court Made the Right Decision

May 1, 2020 : State Bar of Wisconsin

Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens has written an article calling for the Wisconsin Supreme Court to alter its method of assigning opinions.

As I See It: Should the Supreme Court Change How It Assigns Opinions?

March 31, 2020 : The Dispatch

Ryan C. Black, Timothy R. Johnson, and Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens have written an article disputing a recent proposal to do away with oral arguments for certain cases appearing before the U.S. Supreme Court.

We Still Need Oral Arguments at the Supreme Court

March 12, 2020 : UW-Madison College of Letters and Science

Aaron Conklin of Madison’s Sifting and Winnowing magazine has published an article featuring the Civics study conducted by the Thompson Center last Fall.

Badgers, Civically Minded

October 19, 2019 : La Crosse Tribune

The La Crosse Tribune wrote a quality highlight article on the presentation of the Thompson Center’s George Will speaking event on the La Crosse campus.   The event was held with the assistance of UW-La Crosse’s political science and public administration department and was attended by around 250 people.

At UW-La Crosse, George Will Paints Gloomy Picture – With Glimmers of Hope

October 5, 2019 : The Cap Times

The Cap Times has written an article reviewing part of the Thompson Center’s first renewable energy conference of a 3 part series. This part was specifically titled “What is Wisconsin’s Energy Strategy?” and took place in Madison on October 4.  The  article offers an efficient summary of the thoughts of the presenters of our first panel.

Wisconsin Conservatives Getting on Board with Renewable Energy

September 5, 2019 : The Hill

Director Owens had comments featured relating to the travel of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a recent article.  The article describes Justice Ginsburg’s frequent appearances in public and her recaps her health history.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows no signs of slowing down amid health scares

July 2, 2019 : The Badger Institute

The Badger Institute has just released a report entitled “Ex-offenders under watch,”.  The first part of this report was written by UW Law Professor and Thompson Center faculty advisor Cecelia Klingele, who looked at revocation cases in Wisconsin and hypothesizes why they occur so often. Following Dr. Klingele’s study is a separate Badger Institute data analysis that looks at all 2018 felony supervision sentences.

July 1, 2019 : The Hill

Director Owens has written an article calling for the Supreme Court to uphold and apply the non-delegation doctrine, which says congress can not pass its administrative responsibilities on to different branches of government.

To Protect Liberty, the Supreme Court Must Apply Nondelegation Doctrine

May 29, 2019 : CNN Politics

Director Owens contributed to an article written by CNN on the Supreme Court’s experience with overturning previous Court decisions. The article discusses the motivation of the Court when it makes such decisions and the context that has an impact on the actions of the Court.

Abortion: The Supreme Court has overturned more than 200 of its own decisions. Here’s what it could mean for Roe V. Wade

May 20, 2019 : Kenosha News and LaCrosse Tribune

Tommy Thompson has written an article about the need for transportation funding in Wisconsin stressing the importance of leadership and bipartisan cooperation in addressing the issue.

Lacrosse Tribune: Wisconsin Must Undertake Transportation Reform

Kenosha News: Wisconsin Must Undertake Transportation Reform

May 17, 2019 : The Tommy Thompson Center

The Thompson Center has written a newsletter looking back on its activities in the past year, and outlining what you can expect out of the Thompson Center in the coming year.  Also included is a message from Thompson Center Director and a review of some areas Wisconsin could see real bipartisan reform despite its currently divided state government.

Thompson Center Newsletter – Volume 2

May 9, 2019 : The Hill

Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens was interviewed for a story for The Hill discussing the U.S. Supreme Court and the upcoming choices the Court is faced with making, possibly in the near future.

Suspense Builds for Supreme Court moves on Abortion/LGBT cases 

April 22, 2019 : Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Former Governor Tommy G. Thompson gave an interview addressing the need for a transportation deal in Wisconsin and discussed the then upcoming Thompson Center Future of Transportation in WI conference.

“Tommy Thompson: GOP, Democrats should Start Transportation Discussions Now” 

April 4, 2019 :

Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens has written a review of the April 2 WI Supreme Court election and what can be learned from how it unfolded.

“Lessons and Thoughts on Tuesday’s Election”

March 16, 2019 : Wisconsin State Journal

Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens wrote on the benefits of educating Wisconsin’s prison population with the knowledge and skills they need to acquire a job upon release, and consequently reduce prison recidivism rates in the state.

“Turn a Wisconsin Prison into a School”

Dr. Owens also outlines a plan for how such an effort would work, and describes the possible cost-savings and other benefits that could result.

November 28, 2018 :

Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens has written an article identifying how Wisconsin’s political leaders can deliver substantial results for the state on three key issues: criminal justice, transportation, and energy reforms.

Wisconsin’s Leaders Should Work Together on Three Issues

August 23rd, 2018 : Isthmus Paper

Former Governor Tommy G. Thompson has given an in-depth interview with the Isthmus paper titled “The man from Elroy : New book reveals what makes Tommy Thompson tick?”  In the article the governor discussed his personal history and his reflections on his time in office.  Also featured is the governor’s daughter, the well accoladed Kelli Thompson, and her own experiences growing up being taught by the governor.

August 14th, 2018 : USA Today

USA Today has published an article written by four state governors on the need for bi-partisan criminal justice reform to improve lives and the workforce:

Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Improves Lives and Workforce Safety

The authoring governors are Matt Bevin-Kentucky, John Bel Edwards-Louisiana, Mary Fallin-Oklahoma, and Ralph Northham-Virginia

May 18th, 2018 – The White House

The White House has taken up the bipartisan issue of criminal justice reform:

Council of Economic Advisors Report

President’s Opening Statement at Criminal Justice Reform Conference

April 20th, 2018 – Journal Sentinel

Governor Thompson discusses Wisconsin’s labor shortage and how prison reform can help:

Journal Sentinal 4-20-2018

November 22nd, 2017 – Journal Sentinel

An article by Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, published immediately following the inaugural Thompson Center leadership conference: Leadership Across the Branches.

Even Most Politicians Want Collaboration

Interviews and Clips of Note

September 9, 2020

UW System President Tommy Thompson Shares Gratitude

“Wisconsin has always been a “can do” state and now is no different.” With the fall semester underway, UW System President Tommy Thompson shared a short message of gratitude to all faculty and staff as they lead education across Wisconsin.

October 17, 2019

George Will Speaks at UW-La Crosse

News 19 uploaded a short clip discussing the George Will speaking event the Thompson Center put on in La Crosse.  George Will spoke to an audience of 250 on a wide variety of political topics.

September 27, 2019
Wisconsin Eye: Morning Minute – The Founding Fathers and Public Leadership

Wisconsin Eye has posted a brief 3 minute snapshot of the Thompson Center’s most recent conference, featuring clips of each of our speakers.

April 24, 2019
Wisconsin Eye: Newsmakers – Gov. Evers First 100 Days

Madison Political Science Professor Barry Burden, University of Wisconsin-Madison La Follette School of Public Affairs Professor Emeritus Dennis Dresang, and University of Wisconsin-Madison Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership Director Ryan Owens to discuss Governor Tony Evers first 100 days in office.

April 4, 2019
ABC 2 news and Fox News 11 featured clips discussing a Thompson Center event featuring Karl Rove and David Axelrod

Fox News 11
ABC 2 

March 3, 2019 : (ABC) WKOW 27

Link to interview videos here!

Summaries written by WKOW 27

Clip 1:

“Former governor Tommy Thompson and UW Political Science Professor Ryan Owens discuss an upcoming criminal justice reform conference in Madison on March 7th. Owens is hopeful this year the legislature will consider boosting job training skills in prisons to help inmates gain employment upon release. Evers budget did not address this in his two-year spending plan.”

Clip 2

“Thompson is supportive of Gov. Evers budget proposals surrounds criminal justice like raising the age from 17 to 18 for an offender to be considered adults for most crimes. Thompson won’t take a stance on Evers idea to legalize medical marijuana but is open to exploring his idea to decriminalize small amounts.”

December 12, 2018 : Wisconsin Eye

Wisconsin Eye recorded the Tommy Thompson Center “Effective Public Leadership” conference.  Below is a short clip from two of the conferences panelists on effective legislating and bipartisanship in divided government.

October 13th, 2018 : Wisconsin Eye

Former Governor Tommy Thompson held an interview with the Wisconsin Eye. In it he discussed his idea for a pilot program to reduce the number of incarcerated individuals in Wisconsin while simultaneously addressing skilled labor shortages.

October 9th, 2018 : Wisconsin Eye

Former Governor Thompson held an interview with the Wisconsin Eye discussing the Wisconsin highway system and the transportation accomplishments achieved while he was in office.