University of Wisconsin–Madison

Speakers and Presentations

Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton

September 25

Judge Jeffrey Sutton will be on the UW-Madison campus to deliver a talk to students and other attendees on September 25th.

Come Fix the Debt Interactive Event

October 25

The Tommy G. Thompson Center is pleased to be partnering with the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) to put on an exciting, fun, and free public event at UW-Madison’s Education Building!  An honored speaker from the CRFB will briefly discuss the current standing of the national debt, before turning over the reigns to YOU to create a sustainable solution.

Attorney General Debate

The Thompson Center plans to host an Attorney General Debate at a location to be determined by the two candidates.

  • Past Speakers and Events

    Thompson Book Event  September 13, 2018

    The Thompson Book Event celebrated Governor Thompson’s legacy of pragmatic policymaking, interest in tackling big issues, and willingness to work across the aisle.  Governor Thompson discussed his new book TOMMY: My Journey of a Lifetime and weighed in on contemporary policy matters. The event was largely sponsored by the Thompson Center, working in conjunction with


    The Center hosted Dr. George Koonce in May of 2018. Koonce is a former linebacker for the Green Bay Packers and shared with us his own story of challenges and finding the strength to overcome them.

    Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech

    Cosponsored with the Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy at UW-Madison. Professor Keith Whittington of Princeton University headline presented, with discussion from Professors Donald Downs, Howard Schweber, and Anuj Desai.

    Introducing High School Principals to the First Amendment

    Cosponsored event which provided information to principals on what the First Amendment allows in the public school setting as well as how the First Amendment will apply to students who go on to colleges and universities.

    Professor Jennifer Doleac

    The Center worked with the La Follette School to have Professor Jennifer Doleac present her research while in Madison for the Center’s criminal justice conference. She came to Madison a day early to teach La Follette’s  students about her discoveries.

    School Choice

    Cosponsored along with the Department of Economics and the Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy, on the particulars and potential outcomes of school choice.  Caroline Hoxby of Stanford University headlined, and the discussion drew in students and faculty across the university.