The Founding Fathers and Public Leadership Conference

Friday, September 20, 2019 from 10:50am to 3:15pm
UW-Madison Lowell Center
610 Langdon St., Madison WI 53703

The Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership held a conference examining the beliefs and insight of the founding fathers as they pertain to public leadership in America. The Thompson Center brought together a number of expert panelists to discuss the mindsets of Franklin, Madison, Adams, Marshall, Dickinson, Douglass, and many other framers of America’s beginnings. Former Ambassador Rick Graber interviewed Former Second Lady of the United States Lynne Cheney during the luncheon.

The Thompson Center would like to extend our most gracious thank you to our partner The Wisconsin Eye, which streamed and recorded this event.


Keynote: Lynne Cheney, Former Second Lady of the United States



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