The Founding Fathers and Public Leadership Conference

The Tommy G. Thompson Center will be putting on a conference examining the beliefs and insight of the founding fathers as they pertain to public leadership in America.  The Thompson Center will be bringing in a large number of panelists with profound expertise to examine the mindsets of Franklin, Madison, Adams, Marshall, Dickinson, Douglass, and many other framers of America’s beginnings.

The Thompson Center is also excited to announce that former Second Lady of the United States Lynne Cheney will be joining us for this event as our keynote speaker!

The event will be held on from 11:00am through 3:30pm on September 20, 2019 at the Lowell Center on the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus. Tickets are free and can be found Here!

A free lunch will be included with registration.


Lynne Cheney; Former Second Lady of the United States

List of Presenters

R. B. Bernstein – John Adams

Denver Brunsman – George Washington

Jane E. Calvert – John Dickinson

Joanne B. Freeman – Alexander Hamilton

Mark David Hall – Roger Sherman and James Wilson

Joel Richard Paul – John Marshall

Jack Rakove – James Madison

Timothy Sandefur – Frederick Douglass

Gordon S. Wood – Benjamin Franklin