The Native American Presence in the Red Cedar Watershed, Past & Present

October 17, 2019
UW-Eau Claire, Barron County
Ritzinger Hall

Michael J. Isham Jr., Executive Director of the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (, discussed the geography of the Red Cedar Watershed, migration routes of the Ojibwe along the St. Lawrence Seaway from the 1400s through the 1700s, and treaties between these tribes and the U.S. government in the 1800s. He discussed the 11 bands from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan who are part of GLIFWC as well as the divisions and purposes of each part of this organization. Finally, he explained how GLIFWC uses “tribal ecological knowledge” along with western scientific approaches to manage these resources. Visit UW-Eau Claire’s website to learn more. The presentation was recorded by Rice Lake Community Media.