The Three “Rs” of Developing Collaborations that Work: Results, Relationships, Resilience

November 1, 2019
UW Superior
Yellow Jacket Union, Great Room

The Thompson Center and UW-Superior welcomed Karen Ray for a talk on collaboration through results, relationships, and resilience. Collaboration is a mutually beneficial and well-defined relationship entered into by two or more organizations to achieve results they are more likely to achieve together than alone. In times of shrinking resources and strident disagreements on many issues, public leadership requires the willingness and ability to initiate, support, and implement successful collaborations. Collaboration, inherent in the Wisconsin Idea, will be essential to improving the state’s future. The talk addressed:

  • Reasons to collaborate and why collaborations are so often difficult
  • Examples of collaboration that have had a positive impact in Wisconsin communities
  • The key discussions and actions essential to starting a collaborative venture (and how to go back and amend them later)
  • How to keep a balanced focus on collaborations three key components: results, relationships and resilience